Project (cyoa-studio-to-choice-assist) stuck on "Loading Project" screen

Looking though the recent topics it looks like a few other people have experience this but not sure what I should do about it. My project is stuck on the “Loading Project” screen. I’ve tried several browsers and waited 10min. My other projects appear to load.

Your project may be out of disk space. @glitch_support can give you extra space for 24 hours to remove unneeded files from the project.

That would certainly help my situation but isn’t it a little bit of a bug if a user is not able to load the editor in order to delete things if they’ve gone over there storage space?

Im not sure exactly what is going on with the editor today. There have been lots of reports of errors with loading. The other explanation is that there is an error with Glitch API but nothing seems wrong on


Hey @callumgare

I’m sorry that your project wasn’t loading!

I just checked and it does look like you can get into the project editor now. If you run into this issue again, you can ping us here or send a message to