Project deleted?



So I had a project I was running on and I recently noticed on uptime robot (To get the code to run every so often) that it said it had been down for 164 hours (at time of writing, almost a week), I have no memory of deleting the project, its not in my deleted projects, and I can find it anywhere else, so I don’t think I renamed it.

Last uptime is record on uptime robot as “2019-01-25 01:49:56”

If anyone could help me figure out what happened to it that would be great, thanks


Hey @EternalFrostOrig it looks like you renamed this project on 2019-01-21T13:44:27.831Z. It’s now at

It also looks like it’s not set up to render a web page, so UptimeRobot has nothing to ping.

Hope this helps. Happy Glitching!


Hmm thanks, i thought I had remixed it to make that discord bot not overwritten