Project does not load, and gives me a "504 Gameway Time-out" error

I created a project. When I open it, it shows just a white screen and loads, but doesn’t start. After about 3 minutes I get the error “504 Gateway Time-out”.

(It’s a project where I post add-ons for a simulator.)

(I combined all screenshots into one because it said “New members can only embed 1 item in their posts”; view it in full-screen to read the logs)

I tried to reload several times, but it’s always doing the same.

OS: Windows 11
Browser: Firefox

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Hi and welcome to the community, @Earth-And-Moon! Was your project working after that? Try using the rewind feature!

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The project worked before, then I edited the package.json/server.js files and I encountered this error.

I rewinded it, but I don’t get rid the error.

The project status shows this:

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can you send the logs?

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ok so its seems like you fixed it, and you also included the logs in the provided screenshots (i should really check images before asking).

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