Project downtime 3/25

Login via GitHub got fixed finally. Now I need to access the container Also @TehPig_YT, dm Error 501#3167

What do you mean by that?

Are you talking about DMing a user on Discord?
If yes, what’s the reason for?

Yes, Dm me on Discord. And Idk?

Ok then, if you say so.

But please let’s not change the theme of this topic.

I would say its probably a combination of lack of staff, more usage, and paid plan coming soon.

All these events… :frowning:

LMAO what if this is how glitch will be unless you pay

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That would be sad, at least for me.
Glitch has been very useful for me during my coding process.
(more than 1 year)

Yeah I doubt it. Paid plan may have more disk space and small tweaks like that.

That’s cool. And yep.

I have my old website backed up off of glitch just in case.
Its a bit broken because it is the old one.

Can I access my glitch repo still? If so how would I do this?

There’s a cool thing called pages not subdomains lol

I have the old backup on the subdomain because I have my main site on

Why instead of

I’m just curious if this is a special thing that devs use lol, I’m not tryna be rude or something

The old backup site has my old website which had wayyyy too may subdomains. The new one has less so be sure to check it out when the downtime is over.

Yeah it* sucks that I can’t see any glitch sites lol