Project Editor Not Loading And Shows Error Message

When I open my project editor it shows this message:

This Problem Is Now Fixed!

Ah clear your cache then email

I did email, and I can’t clear the cache because I can’t access the editor at all!

You can clear cache on any website, see this article on how to do it

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I cleared it and it still does the same thing!

It still says We’re sorry, something went wrong! Please try again, or try refreshing the editor. and yes, I did refresh the page.

This is a bit trivial

sorry I am having some wifi issues btw

Also you might not want to share your email unless if you have like 70 alternative accounts

ok, how do you get the thing at the end of your email?

You buy a domain and use their email settings


oh, how much is it? Could I use my one?

I’m not sure Freenom gives you it.

And you shouldn’t really use Freenom because, well it doesn’t work on most ISPs.

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Usually about less than $10 dollars a year


Freenom is sketchy

And this is getting off-topic, OP (@TikoGrant) , you might wanna make a new thread about the custom domain email thing.


ok, lets get back on topic with the editor thing not loading


This is gonna take a long time.

You see, don’t put spaces or symbols.

when did I? I don’t think I did

Well, the evidence is right there.

I am kinda new to coding and I don’t know where I put spaces or symbols, sorry :slightly_frowning_face:

You there??

Hello, how can I help?

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