Project Falsebanned

Hello. My project slaybot got banned for violating tos and i dont think i have violated the tos. I was installing 2 packages, datadog-metrics and hot-shots and then i lost the connection, reloaded the page and saw that my project has been banned. (While i was installing those things, my project memory got like ~600 of 512) I’m contacting the email support but im sure that i will never get answer, likely i never got answer to my custom domain removal.

I’m sorry but I think contact email support is really the only option. We could also ping @glitch_support for more storage for 24 hours.

I contacted them, they made a ticket (or i got a message about ticket)

I m having same issue on loving-dry

Please contact if your project was suspended.

Tasha unsuspended my project! Thanks so much!

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