Project falsely suspended

So, my project “altricatia” got falsely suspended. It may seem like it was violating the ToS, but this post shows some story behind it My project is broken. [Nothing saves]
@tasha gave me more storage for 24 hours, and since the project had uncreated databses, it had to create new ones. We were trying to put my databases into the .data folder, though I was unable to figure out how to do that before the storage went away. Resulting in the project having ~225 mb worth of databases, and ~25 mb worth of main files.
I really need to get access to the project again. I need to be able to download my project at least. I am planning on swapping the host over to a VPS within the next 2 weeks. And I’ve informed the staff about. But without access to my project, I can’t download the project. The project in itself is not against the Glitch ToS, I know that, it’s simply just a public Discord Bot. It does go above the disk limit because of what I’ve already said earlier this post. It’s an important project, with no recent backups. It took a lot of time code, time I am not willing to spend all over again. So please, just allow me to download the project at least. I can not spend a lot of time remaking it, as I have my studies to focus on.

I’ll ping @glitch_support so they can assist you.

Hi @Aprixia

We will respond in your original post here: