Project Full Disk

Hello! I am having an issue with my project. If says it’s full, but I dont know how… I removed some files and I still have an error. I did git prune; git gc on the console and I get random stuff I don’t know about… please help

Hi @JomarYT, welcome to the Glitch Forums!

When you say

I get random stuff I don’t know about…

What do you mean, exactly? Are you seeing errors in the console when you use those commands? Can you let us know specifically what you’re seeing including the exact messsages?

Also can you let us know the project name so we can take a closer look?

This is the thing that I don’t understand and the project mane is just-a-bot

Oh, and also my project keeps saying “Reconnecting…” every time I edit a file.

Edit: and it doesn’t save

Oh, I found what was the issue that was doing it. It no longer has full disk or a warn. Thanks tho :smiley:

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