Project Glitch suspended for "No miners allowed"

So i have a glitch project called “dbrglitch” which is a botlist website for discord. Recently when i tried to access the website i found out that it was suspended for “No miners allowed”, but i am not using any miners or whatsoever. Is this a mistake or did i not understand this very well?

Yesterday @Cori said this on my post. Two of my projects were banned for the same reason and I do not use miners

Hey folks, the most commonly-used process that we’re blocking right now is puppeteer, so there’s a pretty good chance that that’s what your projects are running afoul of.

We’re continuing to watch the situation closely and don’t have a timeline for when we might unblock that or any other currently-blocked processes, or indeed if we will unblock them at all; we’re sorry for the inconvenience.

Yes, my project probably does use puppeteer, but not for mining. Any chance to fix the detection system so it doesn’t accidentally suspend projects?

Hi @razefeixx the project suspension isn’t accidental, although the messaging is misleading. We’ll clear up the message used when we can, but there’s no guarantee that we’ll unblock puppeteer or any other process we’re currently watching.

I’ve removed capture-chrome from your project’s dependencies (which itself depends upon puppeteer) and unsuspended the project.

@cori This is really sad news :frowning: I hope you’ll let us start paying soon so that we can run projects indefinitely and remove the puppeteer ban.

Totally understood, @joe, and we’re working on paid options as I suspect you know, although there’s also no guarantee that processes that turn out to be problematic would be included in any paid plans we’re thinking about. We wouldn’t have taken this extraordinary step if we hadn’t felt we had to, I can assure you.