Project got suspended, is that an april fools joke?

I’m a glitch member, and I’ve been subscribed for a year, I have multiple projects running on glitch yet only 2 of them are boosted, earlier today I’ve unboosted one of them since I started getting the “Error: Something took too long to do.” (it’s a discord bot, I’ve emailed glitch about this and I was told there’s nothing I can do about that error but wait for them to change machines).

A few minutes ago, I opened my project to check if the machine has been changed and the bot works, just to find out that my project was suspended. image

I can’t tell if this is an April fools joke, I literally unboosted and also removed the token for the project. Is this bad timing? or is this a joke? I can’t tell, and I hope it’s not just bad timing.

Looking for the suspend reason, it seems like you should report it to

I supposed the discord bot keeps trying to start but once it errors out above a certain threshold it gets suspended to get out of the run attempt loop

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