Project Grants for Glitch

A lot of people have been saddened by the recent limitations of glitch that have been imposed for system stability. Hence, I propose an idea of a grant system. The grant form can be accessed if you meet the requirements(to be set by glitch) in the discourse forum or you have been verified to be someone that uses glitch a lot and respects glitch. In the grant form you can asks for various things. There could also be a rank system where as you meet more requirements you can get more things to ask for. You will need to regularly demo your app every 3 months and let the glitch team inspect your code if they think you’re hiding a secret discord bot somewhere or something similar.
The grant form will consist of a checkbox section where each checkbox when checked will show a textbox below it saying “Describe why you are asking for this change”. It will also have a section called “Other requests” and “Extra notes and questions”. To prevent abuse each user can submit the grant form once a day and each field must have more than 100 characters of input. Also the form will be protected with recaptcha to prevent bots. There will also be fields like “Describe why are you filling out this form”.
The following features can be included

  • Have your project moved to a grant-only project server
  • Extra memory
  • Extra cpu
  • Extra disk
  • A shared disk between all your projects
  • Access to mongodb and other sql server executables
  • Increase ratelimit, or remove it completley
  • Have 2 urls route to one project but with different ports
  • Custom loading screen
  • Weekly backups!

yes! you have my vote

Wooooow, I got more votes somehow, how???

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how… i managed to vote TWICE

Thanks glitch_support for increasing our votes! (didn’t wanna ping them)

I haven’t got increased votes. I’m on my limit :frowning:

I got rid of one vote for tkinter support as this is more important. I feel this could get a lot of abuse, so as a Regular, if this were to be implemented, I wouldn’t mind sifting through the obvious spam/abuse submissions so the Glitch team only have to moderate actual submissions. I know handing stuff like this over to Regulars could sound like a bad idea, but we already do the majority of support requests on the forum and can tell the difference between spam and real questions.


Just feel that this would be a lot of work for the Glitch team and there is no real payoff for Glitch.