Project hard to load, keeps reverting changes

The project in question is here:

I need a file called ‘public/main.css’ for the css to display correctly, and when I do make that file, it works…but only for a couple of minutes. If I try to load the page after about 20 minutes, it’ll revert back to a state wherein that file did not exist (i.e. the page will display without any css.)

At this point, if I try to load the editor, it’ll just hang at ‘fetching project’. After many tries, it will load eventually, and as I said, I find that it has reverted to a previous state.

I’ve been trying to get it to behave correctly since last night, but every time I recreate the css file, it breaks. I tried remixing the project, but that behavior followed in.

Any clues?

It looks like you’re deleting the public folder on start and re-generating the folder with just the .js file only. Glitch projects sleep after 5 mins (see so it seems that when your project is waking back up and start runs, it’s removing any changes you’ve made to files in that folder.

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Oh. I was using a boilerplate and didn’t realize that that’s what rimraf does. My bad! I changed a few things and it seems to be working just fine now. Thanks for the help!