Project has been suspended (probably out of disk?)

I have the error message

sage-force has been suspended
Reason: Error while preparing the project. Please contact Glitch Support.
Please contact us if you have any questions.

from searching it sounds like my project is out of disk?

If it ran out of disk, we can ping @glitch_support and they can give you extra space for 24 hours. This will let you clear out unneeded files.

No. That is the solve of the issue.

Look at #announcements

Well I guess you could email Glitch Support but to my knowledge they still grant extra space for 24 hours on the forum.

Hey @jmlee337,

I took a look, and it seems like sage-force loading. Let me know if you have any questions!

I did email support as suggested. I got a response saying that the suspension was caused by some sort of error on the Glitch side which required manual intervention. But yes, my project is working again! As well they said they’ll be changing the button I clicked to link to instead of this support forum so that is the right thing to do going forward.

And @RiversideRocks, please don’t handle suspended projects in the forum, ask the user to email, as per the announcement about the email help center by Glitch.

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