Project hours feature request

I think that glitch should add that project hours are unlimited for public projects. But just for max 3 public projects. Lot of people want to have their code private.

If you like my ideas please upvote them. Btw sorry for my bad English :joy:

I removed a vote for this! This could be a good feature idea!

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woah woah woah…

+500 is WAY to much

maybe 50

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and also thanks is no longer a thing, sadly

getting thanks was awesome though.

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:confused: Oh but glitch should add that project hours are unlimited for public projects for max 3 or 5 public projects.

if youve bought premium yes


thats why glitch premium is free…

…after you pay

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Or increase project hours from 1000 to 1500 - 2000 for account without premium please :pray:

This is an extremely good idea. But there are some flaws. For instance, people could hash their code and get 24/7 free hosting. (I know how but I won’t say it. (And for the regulars, Glitch knows. :wink:)) This would be a real issue as the reason they added hours was to protect resources.

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I agree with this feature request! You have my vote.

We have only 4 votes :/. Please share this with your friends

Doesn’t this just make users have less hours? I don’t think people are going to vote for things that give them less.

Its more hours: Project hours feature request

There is a reason behind this, glitch has to get servers, servers cost money, to host it for more time, more servers, more money.

This is why the have premium, it pays for the servers.

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