Project Hours for premium users

how many project hours do premium users? (like users who paid)

they need to update the pricing page

if anyone knows reply.

From Glitch’s Pricing Page:

Are rate limits really unlimited?

While Glitch apps normally have a rate limit of 4,000 requests per hour, upgrading means no rate limits for any app you own (not just your five boosted apps).

I hope this was of use :slight_smile:

i mean project hours not project rate limits

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If you’re a premium user,

  • The project hours limit does not apply to Boosted Apps.

  • If you are a Glitch Member the monthly allowance of 4,000 project hours will be applied to any non-Boosted apps that you own.

  • If your Glitch Membership lapses or you decide to cancel it, all of your apps will start using Project Hours once the subscription is no longer active.


What that means is that you have 4000 project hours instead of 1000 if you have Premium. The app that you have boosted does not apply for hours, as it’s simply forever on.

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