Project icon not saving

I tried to upload an icon to my project,, but it is not saving when I

  • reload
  • “save” it

I have tried .ico and .png files but they do not work. Does it have to be .jpg or .jpeg? If so, is there a way to convert it?


I had this issue earlier today, I haven’t tried since then.

As far as I’m concerned, any file format works.

It may be a glitch error.

Hi there - sorry you’re running into this, it’s most certainly a bug and I’ve got the team looking into it. Thanks for reporting it!

Just for reference this topic has been open for a while tracking this bug:

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ah yes, i remember this! it appears it wasn’t a trivial bug to fix on our end but are working on a process to get to a fix now, and appreciate the patience!


No worries! In the grand scheme of things this is such a small issue, thanks for all you and your team do!


No problem, glad I could help the glitch team!

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No problem! Anytime!