Project in glitch doesn't open

project in glitch doesn’t open, others are opening normal just newdesigner2 that has this problem

I can’t miss what’s in it, it’s many hours of programming and important things, if you can’t get it back, please send me a link or something to download the project.

Its probably suspended, if so you need to wait for a staff member to help.

Here’s a similar case:

Could also try an email to

I can’t do what you’re telling me, can you help me with that? @mishavee

I can’t either, only Glitch staff have access to suspended projects.

Is there a command I run and it clears some of the memory?

Does it let you create a remix? From

Yes you can create, I just didn’t want to lose my files, but these are things that anyone does

Projects are also backed up automatically, so you can be confident of not losing stuff. Just need to wait for the support staff to be on, might be Monday morning their time.

Oooh, @mishavee you forgot to mention @support_staff!

Hi @carlosmanoel522

I’m sorry that your project wasn’t loading!

I just checked and it appears to be working fine now.

If you continue to have trouble accessing this project, let us know!