Project Infinitely Loading

As the title says, my Glitch project is currently facing some issues on loading the entire project.
If you could help, it would be really appreciated.

My Project Name: t-moderator-bot (Private)

Hi @TehPig_YT! I’m sorry your project wasn’t loading! I just checked on it, and was able to get it to show. Can you access it now?

Sadlly, there are still no signs of connection to it. It’s still doing the same thing for some reason. :neutral_face:

Anyways, my project seems to be working now. :smile:
Thank you for your support!

So, I just logged on again in 2 of my projects and it seems that both of them don’t work.
If you could help me @glitch_support it would be pretty helpful.

Thanks in advance,

What are the names of the two projects having the issue, providing the names will make it easier for staff to resolve the issue without needing to wait for you to provide the project names, speeds things up!


Anyways it got self-fixed.
Thank you for your appreciation!

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@glitch_support I got the same thing again :expressionless:
Project Name: t-moderator-bot

Thanks in advance,

Hi @TehPig_YT

I just checked and was able to see both the editor and app side of your project.
Is it working for you too now?

If you encounter the issue again, it would help for you to:

  • Go into the project log to see if there is an error message.
  • If you an error, let us know what it says so we can help you!

It’s working fine now, thank you for your interest! :heart:

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I’m encountering another error at a project.
Name: t-mod-bot

Thanks in advance,

Problem has been fixed.