Project is corrupted

My project, auroraos, is completely corrupted, and it appears that rewinds are corrupted too.

Take a look for yourself.

This isn’t a huge problem for me, as I have a copy of everything saved on another project which is not corrupted. However, this is still EXTREMELY upsetting and I really hope that this is fixed.

On that note, I also emailed Glitch support about a problem with another project, auroraos-dev (a file is missing) on June 26, and it has been 7 days and I have not received a reply.

Edited: Glitch support responded within 3 days of both requests. Gmail marked the reply as spam, so I did not see them until today. Unfortunately, I have continued to edit my project so I don’t think that they can restore to a backup. Glitch support, I’m sorry.

Yikes, I’m really sorry!

You should contact, they can help you there.

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They get a lot of emails, don’t worry, they will get back to you, I have had success with restoring my project with them.

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That is a super corrupted project. Wow.

Ive sern this getting reported many times with these symbols here. @soup,they just fixed a deleted project for me, response time was like half an hour only for each reply

Wow. Never seen anything as corrupted as this. Because of this, won’t even load for me!

Dang - that was a sUpPpEr corrupted project

I knew “Glitch” was going to strike at @soup

it seems like your project was archived (compressed) then was unarchived but wasn’t uncompressed. I have never seen this before but thats just a guess.

I had exactly the same problem last sunday, project completely corrupted and when going to rewind there are no entries. Still no reply from support. Then 4 days ago I started a new project, and today I login to find that I can’t view any of the project files (they don’t even appear in list, I only see assets) and logs keep saying that it can’t find express module. Ironically from the 3 projects I now have here, the only one working is the discord bot one which I disabled because of the change in policy. After having no issues for about 2 years, make me wonder what is exactly happening in their side…