Project is extremely slow

My project, revision, has been acting very slow recently despite apparently only having a CPU usage of less than 5%. Attempting to navigate through the console results in frequent disconnections, laggish keyboard input, etc.

Would it be possible for a Glitch staff member to take a quick look at my project? Thanks.

I’ll ping @support_staff!

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Does your project have any large files? What is the memory like? Site traffic?

Everything sits at around 3%. There’s no real application or anything running so it doesn’t quite have any traffic. I’ve kept the project files pretty lean.

I’ve been working on the same project on and off for a while now. I haven’t changed much of what actually runs so I’m unsure as to why it’s having such poor performance—it wasn’t like this before.

Here is the project in question (note the time it took to run ps -aux):

Here is another project:

Ok, I don’t see a reason for it. Hopefully Glitch support can assist you.

It seems as if the Node.js process is having a hard time getting through the build/source/index.js file (look at PID 18 in the first screenshot). I was able to track down the file. It’s located at /opt/shared/build/source/index.js.


Hi RA80533,

I’m taking a look at this now. I’m not sure I understand how the project is set up though. Can you tell me why it using yarn?

I use Yarn for the workspace capabilities. To get the whole project set up with workspace-wide dependencies linked correctly (pnpm cannot currently handle that), I do the following:

  1. Run rm -rf /rbd/pnpm-volume/app/node_modules to clear out any incorrectly linked modules. This needs to be run every time pnpm goes around and tries to download and link modules (which ends up being every time I pull new changes via Git).
  2. Run refresh and reopen a new terminal session from Glitch.
  3. After allowing pnpm to download yarn, the sole root depedency, run yarn --modules-folder /rbd/pnpm-volume/app/node_modules. I believe it might relink itself in the folder.

Subsequent executions of yarn will recognize that all workspace-wide modules are present.

Did you reset the container or something? The container is running super smoothly now.

I guess someone may be overloading the resources, my Discord bot is running slow today.

I am hosting a Discord bot which has a stats command and while checking it, the CPU usage is between 90% to 100%, while the container CPU usage says around 3% (the bot I’m hosting uses very little resources). The stats command appears to show information of the entire computer/VM/whatever so it’s giving a clue that Glitch is overloaded right now. My other projects are running slow too.


What framework does the bot use? I can’t think of how it would be able to find out the CPU usage of the box.

I did, but I’m not quite sure why it was sluggish before. Hopefully it will stay healthy, but let us know if it doesn’t.

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It’s a Python Discord bot.