Project is not viewable and remixable

So basically, I was trying to view view this project so I can copy few code for my discord bot. But when I try to view the code I get this :

I cant remix it too, if you try to remix you will get cannot connect to Glitch error. When you check your dashboard / profile, the code will not be there too.

Any help source?

Hi @mustafa,

I’m sorry that you can’t use that app right now. When you see this message, it means that there is an issue with either the project owner’s account or the project itself that we need to discuss with them.

If the Remix is not working either, that means that there is something going on with either the code or the size of the project that is preventing the remix.

If you know the project owner, please have them send us a support request so that we can discuss this with them further.


There should be some version of the editor that’s a bit more stripped down that runs when the project owner is out of hours but it’s a public project or it’s shared with you because it can be tedious when you’re viewing someone else’s code and they run out of project hours but you don’t want to remix it and have to archive it when you’re done with it.

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@javaarchive, a #feature-ideas maybe?

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