Project is regularly inaccessible (auth, websocket issues)


I’ve had one instance that keeps conking out for hours at a time. That project name is fork-turner.

Github / auth is timing out currently, seems to be using canyon-boar, which is inaccessible. Earlier it was websocket timeouts.

If I make new projects they all seem to work fine, but something about fork-turner just won’t load.

I’ve been loving HyperDev so far, any way to get the project working again so I can keep tinkering?


Sorry about the problems. We’ve been experiencing some stability problems that we’re actively working to resolve. It’s unlikely there’s anything specific about that project that’s causing an issue, it’s more likely just bad luck in happening to be on a misbehaving server at the time. Canyon-boar is our auth service, so when that fails or struggles it impacts everyone.

I appreciate it’s frustrating, so thanks for your patience as we’re working out the kinks. We released some more fixes overnight so we hope they’ll occur less frequently going forward.


No worries at all–believe me, what you guys have built here is simply great, especially at the scale it’s running.

I think as you encounter frustration in the userbase while the beta is progressing, it speaks to how polished it already seems and how immediately useful it is.

Thanks Gareth, and keep up the good fight!


I’ve been handling instability issues by just remixing the badly behaving project into a new one. Of course, I’ve amassed a long list of projects, now, so this is how I keep track of the latest one:

  • Right after remixing, I increment a version comment in the .env file. Make sure it’s a comment and not a variable, because environment variables are not saved across remixes.
  • The list of projects seems to be roughly sorted by last modified time.

@HyperDevTeam: these features would greatly help my process:

  • Show the last modified time next to the random project names (some user configurable meta-data would be super useful, too)
  • Add ability to mass delete projects
  • Of course, rock-solid projects and user-configurable project names would be even better, but I think the two stop-gap features above may be implemented faster and more easily.