"project isn't running because the version of Node.js it relies on is too old"

Can anyone explain the cause of this?

Scribbletune says " It looks like this project isn’t running because the version of Node.js it relies on is too old."

So, too old? To old for what exactly? E.g. to old for glitch.com because glicth.com has ceased to support it? Or what?

this will help me understand whether glitch.com is stable enough for me. Because I’d want and expect a project I make on it to work indefinitely, browsers permitting.


super-old node versions that have been out of long-term support for years now have been removed from glitch recently as part of their work to add more modern versions of node and other programs to the container. people were given a fair bit of warning about this but of course if the person who made it doesn’t check their emails, unsubscribed from glitch’s emails, or just didn’t fancy upgrading the node version then it was always going to help.

tl;dr if you’re willing to do infrequent maintenance then glitch should give you the stability you need

more info at https://help.glitch.com/hc/en-us/articles/16287495688845-What-version-of-Node-can-I-use-and-how-do-I-change-update-upgrade-it

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the container.

The container? That’s the bit I don’t get. I’d presumed my creation gets the container type i.e. environment I select at creation, and that stays, and future versions of e.g. node.js go only in future containers. Is that wrong?

Yes, that presumption is incorrect.


OK, so my live site can be broken at any time by Glitch.com changing the server software on which it relies. That sounds like a real step backwards from even the earliest web hosting days where shared hosting ran your site on software that was stable for the life of the server.

I totally agree although it’s mostly not the problem of glitch but the whole web industry. It is indeed a real step backwards :rofl:

Older versions, once they reach EOL, no longer get updated which include security updates. For example, Node.js 12 had its security update EOL on 30 Apr 2022. Which means that any vulnerabilities that are found after that date will not be considered and the respective Node version will not be updated, making it a serious security risk (especially because Glitch is a shared host, as you mentioned) - something you will have to deal with at one point if you don’t update your Node versions.