Project Keeps getting killed


This is my project!/streamboy?path=new.js

It keeps stopping abruptly with the error:

/opt/watcher/app-types/node/ line 43: 16753 Killed node new.js


How do I fix this?


Hi :slight_smile:

it means that your project uses too much RAM. Does it use puppeteer perhaps?


It doesn’t use Puppeteer. The ram usage stays below 50% most of the time.
And it doesn’t spike before getting killed.
I’ve linked the typical system usage during normal operation, and as it’s getting killed below.


does it spawn other processes? We limit the number of concurrent processes at 512 (minus system processes). Also, the monitor might not report the spike if it is too abrupt. After how long do you see app getting killed?


It does not. And the app gets killed every couple of seconds. You can see it here


It fixed itself (or you guys fixed it). I don’t know. Thanks anyway. :blush:

Never mind, it keeps doing that again.


We recently changed how we enforce memory limits, so I am pretty sure that’s the case. I’ll look into it this Monday.

We allow up to 512MB of RAM for user projects; a spike in ram usage might not be reported by the monitor in the editor, but you might be able to see it by running htop in the console.


Yeah, that’s probably it. I disabled this one and started a new project with fewer assets and modules, and everything seems to work fine. Thanks again.