Project keeps stopping

Hey I have a couple projects of mine that keeps stopping at random times with this message. After I go on the project it installs and goes back on. Is there a way to prevent this? I’m using UpTime Robot btw

Hi @ndaniel10 – I don’t know if this will solve the stopping issue, but I do recognize that error message! When that error popped up for me, it was because I hadn’t specified a version of node in my package.json. You can make the error stop showing up by adding a version of node (which one is up to you and your needs) in the engines section like this:

"engines": {
   "node": "8.x"

(“8.x” is just an example – as it says in the error, they default to “10”). If the error message goes away but the undesired behavior persists, let me know and I’d be happy to help debug from there!

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Ok I’ve done that and I don’t get the error message anymore. But my bot randomly turns off without any errors showing and when I go on my glitch project I get a “Bot on” console message and everything is back to normal.

My project is player-career

Hm…about how often does the bot turn off, do you know? I’ll take a look and see if anything looks out of place! It sounds like UptimeBot might not be working or configured improperly

Every 1-2 hours. It stops for around 5 minutes and goes back on itself and I get a “Bot on” console message but nothing above it. Uptime bot isn’t showing any errors or downtime neither and also the Discord bot gets used quite a lot in servers