Project left in broken state

First up: apologies for the incomplete bug report. Rephrased, I have only somewhat vague steps that led to my situation. Feel free to dismiss my bug report as “Need more info”, but, FWIW:

  1. I was playing around with a project, specifically doing some work in the CSS.
  2. I typed some sass inside the css file (&:hover {...} nested inside another selector) before realizing what I was doing
  3. I don’t know the details of less, but figured it was worth a try so I switched to “Less” with the dropdown at the top of the file
  4. I saw the seperate window with the preview reload, but it showed the JSON for a 503 error
  5. I switched back to css in the editor
  6. I hard-refreshed the preview window


  • Result: the style.css file 404s now in the preview
  • Expected: the old state of my app

Then, following this, I opened the collaboration link for my project (“tree-scribe”) which I had saved at the start, in a fresh incognito window:

  • Result: the app apparently sticks at “Fetching…”, even though the Network tab shows all things loaded.
  • Expected: able to join the project again.

See also this:

Note: in my “old” existing browser window the app is still “live” and I can switch between files normally. The existing preview window at can also be reloaded normally (though with the style.css file 404ing). FWIW, here’s the window currently (I’ve refreshed a few times :D):

Edit: Alas, apparently you can only post 1 screenshot as a new user. (Shame Discourse only tells you after uploading it and finishing your post… :’( )

I’ll leave the state of “tree-scribe” as is for now, should it be of any use to you.

Again, I know this is a somewhat vague bug report, so feel free to ignore it if it’s not worth investigating :slight_smile:

Hi Jeroen,

Try it now, your project should be accessible again at!/project/tree-scribe

Sorry this happened, we’ll work to nail down what caused this. Let us know if you experience more issues.


That’s cool. No need to apologize, I know it’s beta which is why I tried to create as best as possible bug report :smiley:

Things are working again it seems, at least the app’s loading again. Will hack away some more at a later moment.