Project linking from a coding software to glitch

i was wondering if glitch would ever have a way to sync your project with a editing software from your desktop
as the software editers avaible out there are far more flexible than glitch editor and it will help many people

If your familiar with using git you can code locally with your own editor, especially useful if your IDE has some kind of git plugin.

Each project you create with glitch has it’s own repository usually something like

All you need to do is clone your project. You can then push any changes and these changes will then update your glitch project.

All the information for git is under the Tools - Git Import, and Export. There is just one change to make within the glitch project is to open a console and run this command

git config receive.denyCurrentBranch updateInstead

There is a thread that talks about this Possible to code locally and push to glitch with git?

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hey im having a problem with pushing changes, as when i chance anything it doesnt update and says everything is up to date

Just to make sure you are using git correctly when you make any changes you should stage and commit the changes before you push to your repository.
It can be a bit annoying if you find a typo after you refresh your preview.

Will maybe make a tutorial as there can be a few different workflows to get right.

Hey, you can have a look on this!