Project locked out

I made a stupid mistake, I added “refresh” into an npm script and now I can’t access my project at all… I then did rm package.json and it still wont load.

what do you mean by you cant access your project, Can you see your project files? @Milo123459

Nope, it looks like this:

try refreshing?
or go to the dashboard and try access project from there

I did that :slight_smile: yet didnt work.

you might need to hard refresh:

If it doesnt work contact


How? I mean doing refresh in the console doesn’t do anything

You can try remove the part of the npm script using nano.
Use this to get to the console:

and then type sudo nano package.json (or whatever file you added refresh to) to edit it and remove that part :slight_smile:

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to late, already rm’ed the package.json…

Can you try a hard refresh (Shift+F5)? Try incognito?


oh i got it back, thanks for the help! (i wrote out the package.json manually using nano!)

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It’s not ctrl, it’s shift


you realise we don’t have sudo…

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Sorry, I am used to Raspberry Pi where I have to sudo everything! :joy: