Project Name API vs Editor allows to rename without renaming


Maybe the title is confusing, let me clarify.

Seems like the editor frontend doesn’t know how to handle 400 errors coming from the endpoint, I may be wrong tho.


So I was able to rename my project to “glitch” which is a name that is already taken but of course I didn’t rename the project officially, but the frontend thinks I did.

When I click “Show”, I’m redirected to, if I reload, I’m viewing as a guest the glitch project.

When I go to my profile page I’m able to see the project with the previous name that was available.

To reproduce:

  1. Go to an existing project
  2. Rename to glitch
  3. Copy the word glitch
  4. Paste it several times, press Ctr-Z until yo get the glitch word
  5. New name is applied successfully (not really)

Of course the API will limit my calls, I would expect that, but my recommendation is that the interface should be able to handle these.



I’d also like to see this change. A related issue I had with renaming projects is that I had renamed an app within the code editor only to refresh to see that it was already taken. When the refresh was finished, it prompted an error saying that it didn’t exist, yet when I went to my project list, my app was there, but the name was saved when I wasn’t finished typing.

For example, when I want to save the project as “project”, the app gets saved as something like “proje”, but in the editor, it says that the name is “project”.