Project name still visible when it shouldn't be

As you can see (hopefully), enshrined-legendary-poppyseed is the project name, behind the menu. it shouldn’t be there. it should be hidden. RIGHT???

this happens when you scroll and the project name is behind the menu. everything except the project name is visible. you can also still click on the project.

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I wasn’t able to replicate this. Maybe they fixed it?

no, it still happens to me
here is a screen recording.

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Thanks for reporting this! I can see it too and have let the engineering team know. :+1:t2:



From my end… it still happens almost a month after your post. Are they working on it? From my little experience, this should only be one line. Sorry for the trouble, i just think this should be fixed completely as it does make glitch look like its somewhat discontinued (not to be rude).


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We’re taking a look at it - we did fix it but it looks like an update to the Chrome engine that impacts handling of z-index and position may be the culprit. Someone’s working on a fix now!


Seems like it is fixed again! (wow the glitch team is really fast in fixing stuff and responding to us)


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