Project needs restart

Project name: CMB
Needs to be restarted completely, stuck on loading.


Click on “Tools” in the bottom left of your Glitch editor and select “Logs”. You may see some info there (warnings, errors) that indicate why your project may have hanged.

If it’s still not working, you can manually restart your project by going to the “Console” (also under “Tools”) and enter the command “refresh”.


Hope that helps! What is the link to your project?

I know that @jereddanielson,

Sometimes projects just need to be restarted completely from the backend by a staff member for the members of the project to access it. Doing refresh in the console does not always fix this.
Anyways, I think one Cori or another staff member has restarted the project and I can access the project perfectly now!

Ah, good to know! How do you tell the difference?