Project never loads

Glitch has been recommended to me by a colleague as suitable for my students to start looking at html and css, but I have tried on different computers and in different browsers and I always get stuck on a loading project page.

hello and welcome!

multiple other programmers have been experiencing this on the glitch editor aswell as me, it is nothing to worry about, it just happens to be sometimes the editor can take a really long time to load!

It is always like this? It looks amazing but I can’t get my students to use it in class if it’s going to take over 15 minutes to load.

no, it should not take that long, if that is the case, email glitch directly

Thank you, do you know where I find their email address?

Found it. Thanks. :slight_smile:

@lucywalter4061 and @J-Tech-Foundation, are you still experiencing slow load times?

i always had been, nothing i worry about

@khalby786 Yes, it’s not just slow loading, it never loads.

Sorted. Turned out our system was blocking something. Thank you so much everyone who replied.

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Glad you got it right! And welcome to Glitch!