Project not accepting changes; keeps saying "Reconnecting..."

I’m not entirely sure what’s going on. The project is a Discord bot, and it’s running fine, however, I can’t change anything anymore.

I know a common issue is that the project’s disk usage is too high, but this project doesn’t use too much space according to the container status.

Project name is “ressa”

Hey @Hikitsune-Red, sorry for the bother! I took a look at your project and it seems like it’s running fine; please let us know if you have further issues!

The problem is still there. Can’t change anything.

It just says “Reconnecting…” then resets the file to what it was before.

Hey @Hikitsune-Red I was able to reproduce the issue you were seeing and I think your project was just in a bad state. I cleaned up some aspects around disk space for your project and it looks to me like things are working fine now; can you please confirm?


Thanks a ton, @cori!

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