Project not loading, again

Hello, Lately I am unable to access my project because the editor is not loading. I am stuck in the “Loading Project” Screen for a while now. Is there a possible fix for this? Because I need to get my project’s files (using Git) but I am unable to get the repo’s link because again, the project is not loading…

Hey @EliasVal,

This is a know issue, see

@khalby786 i have a problem that when i keep open the app it’s working fine, but after closing it and attempting to open it again results in waking up screen. I can see in the console of the project that it won’t recognize express even if it’s listed in package.json and even if i install it every time i open the project. Is that related to the problem above ?

Yes, it is. And permanently blocking pinging services is part of the attempt to resolve the issue.

So does that mean i just need to wait ? Or am i doing something wrong ? Sorry i’m very new to this :stuck_out_tongue:

Occasionally, they will load. But you might have to wait.

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