Project not loading in editor and not running


I can’t open the project!/new-yorker-cartoon-url in the editor

Am getting the Hmm.. We're having trouble connecting. Try refreshing? error, but reloading doesn’t do anything

The project isn’t running either - I get this error
"could not connect to project for 503 - \"project could not be started\""

Other projects open and run fine


Looks like a problem with one particular server. I’ve flagged this problem with the devs. For now, to get going again you can remix the project and it should end up on a different server and work.


The issue has been resolved now, so your project is back in action. Sorry for the probs.


Thanks, I can edit it now.


Jumping onto this thread instead of making a duplicate. My project is having the same issue. I’ve tried remixing multiple times, but that fails in the same way. :sweat:


It looks like your project’s data volume was corrupted. Should be fixed now.


Same here


Your project is private so I can’t check, but we were having some problems earlier which have since been resolved. Let us know if you’re still having problems.