Project not loading nor waking up

Hi :slight_smile: I’m stuck with my project loading and “waking up”

Can’t do anything. Please help

Hi @ezzep66!

I’m sorry that your project won’t wake up! I tried as well and was not able to get it to load. I have asked additional members of the Glitch team for help. Once they give me an update, I will let you know.

In the meantime, be aware of the following:
Sometimes this issue will resolve itself while the Glitch system performs routine maintenance. If you notice that your project starts loading again, please reply here!

@tasha I’m having the same exact issue with

This seems like a glitch (haha) effecting multiple hosts.

hey @Coding - looks like the app is up and running, likely after a host restart. let us know if you encounter this again!

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Hi @ezzep66,

Your project is fully loading now. If you need additional help here, let us know!

Hello, I’m having the same issue - my project stuck on the Maintenance page

This is because of the outage that glitch is having. Just wait it out, it should be over sooner than later.

My project “koleotank-arrasio-master2” is also not Waking up at all, I don’t know why.

See this post: