Project not loading, stuck loading project

Hello, I my project seems to be stuck on the loading screen (this isn’t the first time) and seems to be a reoccurring issue my project was just working earlier today but is not working is loading perfectly but my project won’t load is there any known fix to this? Project Name: val-utilities-bot

Have you made sure your start script in your package.json is correct?
for a nods.js project, it should look like this: (replace index.js with your main .js file)
“scripts”: {
“start”: “node index.js”
also, check the logs (tools > logs) and see if you have been getting any errors.

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Hey @ValBlaze! Welcome to the glitch community, it’s great to have you hear.

The issue has been recurring a bit lately but glitch has yet to make a statement about it. Just email with your issue to see if they can help.

See this other post:

It also did happend to me I was coding my discord bot but suddenly it got to loading screen

could you send your project name? this could maybe be because you have large packages.