Project not starting after error

My project has not restarted after an error. I fixed the error and it hasn’t started again. I have tried running refresh in the terminal, nothing.

This is a discord bot, yes? You’re not supposed to see anything - no html files are served, so it’ll just show starting forever. If you wanted to, you can try doing something like

app.get("/", (req, res) => {
res.send("hello world")

Or something like that. If your discord bot is online, there’s nothing to worry about.

Yes, a Discord bot. It should console.log() when it starts. bot.on('ready') Seems to be a Discord.js + Glitch issue.

Is the discord bot online? How about you invite me to a server with the bot in it?

It’s a Discord.js + Glitch issue. I rewrote the bot in Eris and it’s now fine.