Project overwritten?


I had a created a project which was assigned the default name of “coral-report” (!/coral-report) which I had left as such and made private.

My project was a simple node server app that powered a Twitter bot that would do an action whenever the URL “” was hit (I’ve been using uptimerobot to hit this URL once an hour).

Everything was working great but it looks like at some point within the last day my project was replaced by another project that was assigned the same randomized name.

Is there any way to get my old project or code back? I didn’t have a back up.


Hi David,

we are very sorry to hear this! We had problems with our storage cluster, and we had to recover some projects manually. We probably made a mistake with yours.

It should now be recovered. Let me know if the version I loaded is too old :slight_smile:

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for the report!


Thanks very much for the extremely fast follow up on the weekend!

Everything looks like it is in working order right now and honestly I was
mostly kicking myself for not taking advantage of one of the very useful
backup options that glitch already provides – my 6th grade computer
teacher’s motto of "save early, save often, save on more than one disk"
coming back to haunt me in the middle of the night.

Plus I know the site is still beta so no worries if there’s total data loss
at some point :wink:

The fans of @BestOfTVFaceBot also pass along their thanks, have a great

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