Project Page Loading Forever!

@support_staff, my project heartbreaking-factory is not opening. The project editor page keeps on loading, although the live app works fine. I’ve even tried remixing the project, but the remix also didn’t work. It started after I tried to gitignore a folder and (hopefully you’ll forgive me) but I was trying to run a refresh command with exec() (just to see if it works :sweat_smile:). Its not urgent, but I would like to get that project back. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just wondering but are you able to access the console @

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@charliea21, I can! But then, what can I do with the console?

You could use the nano command to attempt to remove the code with runs refresh all the time then see if your project will load.

Like nano server.js?

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Yes. Once in the nano editor you can edit the server.js file.

Once completed you can press the following keys to exit

Ctrl+X -> y -> Enter

Oh my! Shouldn’t have done this on a mobile phone, the console just keeps breaking, my mouse pointer goes to random places…

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I forgot shell consoles lag to death on mobile devices…

It does, but here’s something unusual: I worked on 3 projects with the console, one of them including a really heavy project this week on this same phone, and this project contains only some extra pieces of code in the server.js (it’s just a remix of hello-express). The code might be causing the console lag. I’m can’t even scroll.

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I can do ls commands so I’ll do rm server.js so that I can open the project and then I can revert.

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Yes, removing the server.js worked. I’ll Rewind to before the ‘refresh’ exec() and I’ll get it back. Thanks, @charliea21, for suggesting the console!

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