Project Picture API?

Hello! :wave:

I noticed how cool Glitch’s project pictures are, and how awesome it would be to have a bot that generated random ones for use. I was wondering if there was an API or code that you guys use to generate an image for projects and if it was open for public use. I have a Discord bot called Rando that has a bunch of random generators, and it would be amazing if I could add a Glitch Project Picture generator to it!

If not, I can just grab a bunch of images to use and credit you guys :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks! :wave:

I think we use a library of images as user avatars rather than creating them via an API or code. I’ll find out what it’s called and will update.


Ah, so I was wrong - they’re created on the fly using parts of the code from this project:


Ok, great! Thank you! :smile: