Project Progress Constantly Erased- Not Connecting to Glitch

Hey everyone,

I’m trying Glitch out for the first time and I can’t seem to get my project to connect to the Glitch servers! This is causing my work to be erased- thankfully, I’m copy-and-pasting it into another place, but it’s still really annoying because I can’t make any real progress. What happens is that Glitch shows itself to be “Reconnecting…” and upon “Connecting” again, it restarts itself and erases my progress.

I know that there’s nothing wrong with my Internet because every other tab that I’m using runs smoothly. I’ve tried opening up my Glitch project in Chrome, Incognito Chrome, Visual Code Studio, and Microsoft Edge. Still, nothing seems to work. I also tried to remix my project to try it again, but that hasn’t resolved my situation either.

Does anyone have any feedback or suggestions to make this work?

UPDATE: I emailed Glitch Support, this problem was from their recent service incidents.

Thank you! :smile:

I would recommending emailing

Also, if you are ok with disclosing your ISP, could you do so?

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Thank you for your advice, I’ll go do that! :smile: My ISP is TekSavvy Internet Solutions- I don’t think that they’re having any issues though, the other people in my household are also able to connect to the Internet fine :confounded: Once again, thank you! :hugs:

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While I doubt the ISP is the problem in this case, sometimes ISPs can block Glitch or parts of it. (there was an issue with an Italian ISP and Xfinity in the past). I wish you luck with getting this fixed!

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That’s useful to know, thank you!

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Contact your ISP in this case, or just try to reset your cookies or try on a different network/browser to test the connection to glitch.


Thank you! :smile: I’ve tried on different browsers already, but I can still contact my ISP :disappointed_relieved: I’ve also reached out to Glitch Support, so I guess I’ll have to wait and see what happens next :woman_shrugging:

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