Project Randomly goes Offline

So my discord bot randomly goes offline. I know there has been a lot of posts on this topic. I tried uptime robot. I don’t get how that works. Do you know how I can fix the issue without using uptime robot. Do you know why. It is not glitch putting the project to sleep. Can you guys fix this issue?

Can you run curl -I in the console?

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wdym. I will respond later cause I have to go.

It checks if your host has been banned from discord.

where is the console in glitch?


This is what is said:

What does that mean. Is it ON of OFF

Your host has been banned from discord. You should make a post with the name of your bot here:


UptimeRobot has been banned and any other methods of keeping a project online for free have been too. The only way to keep a Glitch project online without it going to sleep every 5 minutes are Boosted Apps
Hope this helps :slight_smile:


I did it. I just replied. Let’s see what they will reply :slight_smile:

Glitch support probably will not reply, but they will unban your bot sooner than later.

They won’t reply and your project will still sleep because: