Project Read Logs?

Some Info To Be Aware of.

Project name is CMB - Set to private so only me/staff and anyone else can see it!
I Have tried this example, and had no success –Here–
I use Javascript!

My Question is as follows:

Is there any way to have all the logs that go through the bots project file,be able to be read from my project, and have it all sent to a discord server channel that I have?

I doubt it, but you can modify the default console.log function to send to a discord server, or you can make another function that does the same thing.

Hey @Callum-OKane something I neglected to mention, when you start importing the functionality for the logs websocket, you’ll need to supply the TARGET_DOMAIN property in your .env file to let ws know what project’s logs to listen to.

If you want the private data to start showing up you’ll also want to provide your Glitch token - I can help you with finding that, but this info should be enough to get you a little farther (you should start seeing some simple messages come through the websocket if you’re connecting properly).