Project reloading for 24 hours

My project have been on “reload” state for a day now. My app keeps restarting every 5 minutes or so.
I have a watch.json, im listenting to a port…Untitled%201

Hey @Min we’d be happy to take a look, but we’ll need your project name to do so.

losingtest :slight_smile:


Taking a look at your project, I see that you’re creating an express app but I don’t see anywhere that you tell it to listen. However you’re bot’s main file is pretty long and I may have missed it. Can you tell me where that’s happening? I’d expect something along the lines of what I mention in this sample express config.

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I entered the project and saw the thing you left (idk if you did)
Yeah i forgot to listen to it on the launched file (and i kept checking the server.js file)
Silly me.

I fixed it and thanks a lot!

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