Project replaced with the word "nimic" by someone else (security hole?)

I’ve had a project running for the past few weeks for a local community organization on Gomix. It was a great way to explore and quickly iterate on ideas for a small site.

Today I received an e-mail from one of the people I’m working on that the website has been replaced with the word “nimic”. I have not logged into Gomix in a week or two, so I was surprised to hear this! I imagine it’s probably a bug in Gomix where another project accidentally replaced mine, or else someone has successfully logged in as me and vandalized our site.

The project that has replaced my project is a lightly-customized “welcome” project with the body of index.html replaced with the word “nimic”.

Unfortunately, I didn’t make a backup of the source code for the site, and I haven’t found a way to access previous versions of a project. In the future, I’ll make sure to export to Github as soon as I make any changes. But before I can do that, is there any way I can get my project source code back?

We should be able to restore your code. What’s the project?


btw, ‘nimic’ means nothing in Romanian.

@Tim it was a security breach or a collaborator mistake ?


unfortunately, this was related to Project Invite Token Information Leak