Project Restore

I was coding, finished up, and then switched projects. I switch back, and the majority of what I had written had been rolled-back in bot.js

In rewind, it does not show the code I had.
In the console, I found a file called “”. Performing a CAT of this file shows the exact same text as “bot.js”.

It was working at is 2:57 PM, according to the logs.
It’s currently at 527 lines, and should be over 550. Noticable parts of my code is also missing.
It rolled back everything, including my SQLite database.
My project can be found here
Is it possible for this to be undone?

Hello @WyattPlayz, I’m sorry you’re having trouble with your project! I can try to restore your project from a backup if you’d like.

Yes, Please do…