Project reverted to initial state


Last night I checked on my project, solar-hawk, and all the project files were gone. The back-end, front-end, and assets folders were there but empty. This morning, there are files there - the example files that start a project off but not the files I had created/changed.


Hi tomhuze,

we are really sorry to hear that. Can I ask you some questions to try to recover the data?

  1. When was the project created?
  2. Do you remember some of the files that were edited/created, and at which time?

Sorry again for the inconvenience, I am looking at it right now


I think the project was created on May 31, and I tinkered with it pretty much daily since then, many changes to server.js, client.js, index.html and style.css. I added one file to the assets folder, “trump.ico” which happened on Wednesday June 8.


I had this happen as earlier today, except that instead of reverting to the initial state it reverted the last few changes I’d made.

The asset I’d uploaded disappeared along with the references to the asset in my view files.


just happened to me too. the project hangs on “fetching data” though I can create new files and access other projects. good thing it wasn’t something i had been working on for a while. this is the worst kind of bug!


Same happened to me, my project (keen-crow) reverted to a previous state (of the day before).


Sorry for the delay guys.

I am really sorry to hear that, and I can assure you that we are working hard to make sure that such problems do not repeat. At current time we are unable to restore your lost work, but we will make sure we provide automatic backups for the future.


So many sadfaces! This just happened to me on sun-skinner. Lost some hours of work.

UPDATE about a week later: No more occurrences of this bug! I know the HyperDev folks were working hard on a fixing it. Nice work!


I am using as a workaround frequent downloads, are just 3 clicks…

The good news is that this bug hasn’t appeared anymore.


Our GitHub export/import can also be another tool you can use so that you can have a secondary copy of your application code. Thanks again everyone for reporting these issues!