Project stopped responding

My project went down and cannot be restarted. Glitch page is stuck on loading.

Hi @AliFurkanY! We’re looking into your project right now, and I’ll be sure to update you when we’ve figured out what’s going on. Thanks for your patience!

Hi @AliFurkanY. Your project is exhibiting some weird behavior and we can’t quite figure out what’s going on. I made a Glitch project from the GitHub repo and it seems to be working:!/ualifurkany-ejs-server?

This leads me to believe it’s something on the Glitch side, but just to make sure: did you make any significant changes to the app from the version on GitHub? If not, I recommend creating a new Glitch project from the GitHub repo. If you did, please let us know so we can dig in further and figure out what’s going on. Thanks!

Thank you for the response. I will clone to another project and go on from there. I also remixed the project and it still didn’t work.