Project stuck at fetching ... | Name : el-discordhack-week-proyecto-del-turfu-de-pablo

Hello my projet stuck at fetching since yesterday and I don’t know what to do, can someone help me please. Thanks for helping !

Welcome @ZedRoff

I didn’t quite catch that. Invite me to the project so I can look further into the issue.
Username: chroventer

Thanks and cheers!

Sorry I’m new on glitch, you mean I can send you a message ? Do you have discord then we can talk about it ?

Hey @ZedRoff you can provide the project name here instead of in a private message; I wasn’t able to find any project with the name you mentioned.

Sorry an other developer changed the name, it’s dhweloker, I cannot invite someone the link is fetching too (the invitation link)

Still there’s was no such project with that name. Direct message me for more information. Or perhaps, cori (a Staff member).

How can I DM you in glitch ? Sorry for disturb you ^^”

Sure, that would be okay.

I mean where is the DM button ? Or the place where I can DM someone ?

Click on my username > Message > Type your desired message > Click Send/Hit Enter.

There is no button called message o_O I just see your github and your profile picture and some other informations
Surely I’m blind xD

Hey folks, I think this is going to take staff intervention. I’m digging into what’s got this project stuck, and I’ll let y’all know when it’s unstuck. Sorry for the bother!

No problem thanks for the reply :wink:

Hey y’all we had a badly stuck host, which we’ve shut down. seems to be accessible again. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Thanks a lot it work greaaat !!

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